As you know I occasionally like to take a ‘brief relief’ from housing subjects and visit some breaking technology on the forefront.  We’ve all been hearing about the arrival of Artificial Intelligence (or A.I.) for a while now and in reading a recent article from Computer World, I was completely blown away by some of the upcoming advancements.  
Just recently Google released their new “Google Clips” camera. This cool little camera  uses A.I. algorithms to determine when to take pictures. The device learns familiar faces, then favors those people (and pets!) and decides when to take pictures. It looks for smiles and action, novel situations and other criteria. It even discards blurry shots.  Basically, photographs without a photographer!  What a great gadget for parents to capture those special moments without the kids freezing up when they realize “Dad is taking ANOTHER picture!”
Now if that isn’t interesting enough, try this: security cameras can potentially work in the opposite way as Google Clips. Just like the human security guard at the front desk, they could get to know familiar faces, and ignore them, while zooming in on, tracking and recording the behavior and movement of unfamiliar faces. The A.I. could identify suspicious behavior and report it to the owner/operator. 
More?  Silver Logic Labs, a Washington based company uses similar technology as the security camera to watch video and identify how people feel then uses the results for market research in the motion picture industry. That same type analysis could potentially be used to predict a stroke or help police identify who is a threat and who isn’t. 
Bottom line…..get ready folks because artificial intelligence is about to explode with some mind boggling advancements.  
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