Reviews and Ratings

It is always a pleasure working with Sara Gordon and her  clients.   It is evident that  Sara is committed to offering her clients the highest level of service by all that she does for them.  Her attention to detail and professionalism are well respected in our industry as well as in our office.
We wish you many years of continued success in real estate.
Sharon Bristow
Vice President Branch Manager
Stewart Title

Dear Sara,

Each day I think of you as I work around our new home. We are enjoying the house so much. Thank you for helping us through the tough times. Sara, we appreciate you! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Sincerely, Rob & Cheryl Murphy


I know a lot of folks do not think about using an agent when working with a builder to build a new home, but I am sure glad that Sara and I worked together on mine.  Building a house can be a bit bewildering, especially for the first timer, and I do not think people appreciate the number of issues there are to address and the degree to which the experience may vary from one builder to another.  For me as a first time home buyer, it was especially good to have Sara there to help me understand some of the processes and to go to bat with me when the going got a little rough with the builder.

Like most first timers, I started out looking for an existing home to buy.  After Sara and I worked together a while on the search, I came to the conclusion that, for my tastes and needs, the best option would be to work with a builder to build a new home.   At that point, I considered whether or not working with an agent was any longer necessary or even a good idea.  I decided that it might be, and we went forward, though I was not sure having an agent was going to be beneficial.   As it turned out, that was a much better decision than I had realized at the time.

Thank you, Sara  for all your help.

Best Regards, Tommy Power

Dear Sara:

I wanted to personally congratulate you on being named as a top residential real estate professional by Houston Business Journal. You have been recognized as a member of an elite group of real estate professionals, and I respect the efforts that have gone into achieving such excellence, as I have been a licensed REALTOR since 1969. The level of expertise that must be attained in order to achieve this distinctive honor has gained you the respect of your colleagues throughout the RE/MAX of Texas network.

We are proud that you have chosen to affiliate with RE/Max and hope to continue to attract top real estate professionals such as you, to the RE/MAX system.

You cannot imagine my feeling of immense pride as I sat in the audience and watched as you accepted this well-deserved award.

Best Regards, Richard Filip
COO/Regional Director RE/MAX


Thank you so much for working so hard at selling our home. I really appreciate all that you have done. My only regret is that we did not hire you sooner!!

Sincerely, Rachel White

It has now been a few months since Sara led my wife and I to our new home in Wimbledon Estates.  I want  to convey you how very pleased we  are with her guidance!   Sara is now two for two in executing perfect home selections for me over the past seven or eight years.

Over the years I have dealt with a fair number of real estate people and Sara is the runaway #1. Rarely does this combination of professionalism, salesmanship, and business acumen come along in the real estate industry.   I think the fact that Sara is both a CPA and a Broker should not be underestimated. Those skills helped me immensely through the sometimes difficult property owner negotiation and obtaining attractive financing for the properties I bought from her.   With my most current purchase, Sara was also very helpful in assessing the true condition of the property  before I committed and to her credit there have been no surprises at all.

I have one  final observation concerning Sara’s  ongoing success that must be mentioned.  Sara has consistently made a great impression in all my real estate dealings with not only the lenders, but also the potential buyers and sellers.  It has been a joy to be represented by her in not only buying of two homes, but in the selling of one.  The fact that Sara sold my last house in only two weeks was amazing!

Sara’s professional appearance and manner has met with very positive review from people on both sides of my transactions. Her easy going manner belays the fact that she is always a step ahead of all parties concerned in the deal.   It has been my good fortune to benefit from her  expertise.   I am pleased to give my name to potential clients for reference in the future.   Sara’s success in my regard has been well proven!

Sincerely, Mike Duvall

Dear Sara,

Since I began to move, my world has accelerated from 90 miles an hour to 140 miles per hour and only now is the universe granting me a week that is only half as chaotic as the past six or seven.

Sara, I truly believe you worked hard enough for me to deserve something above and beyond the norm of just getting paid. The attention to detail you gave my home purchase made things go as smoothly as possible and there weren’t any surprises. I couldn’t ask for more.  Your service on my behalf was nothing short of excellent. Excellence is a habit I suspect you have.

The house is nothing short of ideal. It is private, well located to work and everything else, including the museums, which I have been enjoying of late. The restaurants in the neighborhood are all good.

I have been very fortunate lately, right down to finding an excellent barber in the neighborhood the first time out getting a haircut. I certainly was fortunate finding a Realtor!

Yours warmly and sincerely, Matthew R. Barfield

We recently moved into our new home and we have naturally been involved in the normal chores of all the things required when changing addresses.   After 41 years in our first home we really did not know how we would react to living in a new place. Surprisingly, we have adjusted well and are extremely happy with everything about our house.  Originally we had not thought of moving until the corner lot became a burden to us. We then casually noticed some houses and patio homes for sale and saw one in particular with Sara’s  sign in front of it.

This particular house was located in Forest Pines in an area which we liked. Our inquiry was answered personally by Sara  and from the beginning we were impressed by her professional manner.   From start to finish she guided us through the stages of selling and buying with honest concern for our feelings and desires.

We recommend her highly and by virtue of this letter  we thank her for her help in finding us our “New” home.

Sincerely, Leslie C. Gau and Marcel A Gau

It has been a pleasure working with Sara over the years.   I have watched her  become a major competitive force and her growth has been achieved through a lot of hard work and dedication.  Sara’s diligence and expertise has established her as a consistent top producer and once of the best real estate agents in Houston.

Sara, you personify the best in our profession.   I am very proud of you.

Jane Nordaker Dave Summers Donna Mundy Realtors

This letter serves as a long overdue acknowledgement for Sara Gordon. I am a new home sales counselor with Pulte Homes and have met and worked with many realtors over the years. I have worked with Sara on several occasions on new homes sales and have always found her to be courteous in manner; efficient with her clients; dependable and willing to go that extra mile to “get the job done” in a way that is mutually beneficial to all parties.

Sara is indeed what a true realtor should be and it is always a pleasure to work with her.  If anyone is in need of an excellent realtor, I would recommend Sara without hesitation.

Sincerely, Flenda Whitney

Dear Sara:

Congratulations on your induction into the RE/MAX Hall of Fame! This is a tremendous career achievement for you and one of which you should be most proud. We realize the overwhelming effort you have expended in order to reach this goal and it is our pleasure to be among the first to congratulate you.

Providing consistent customer service is an integral part in earning this prestigious award and it is obvious that the quality of your service is unsurpassed. It is truly a pleasure and an honor to be affiliated with you within the Re/Max Organization.

Dave Liniger, ABR, CRB                                                   Gail Liniger, ABR, CRB, CRP
Chairman of the Board                                                    Chief Executive Officer
Re/Max International Re/Max International

Dear Sara:

Congratulations on receiving the distinguished CRS designation. We realize the amount of time that you had to take away from your business to complete the course work and other requirements. In doing so, you have become a member of one of the most elite groups in real estate today.

You have brought distinction not only to yourself but also to the RE/MAX Organization and we thank you for the contribution you have made in helping RE/MAX maintain its position as one of the most professional real estate organizations in the world.

Dave Liniger, ABR, CRB                                                Gail Liniger, ABR, CRB, CRP
Chairman of the Board                                                 Chief Executive Officer
Re/Max International Re/Max International